10th May 1922 – Majestic
sails on maiden voyage

Maj early in SotonMajestic left Southampton on her maiden voyage on 10th May 1922, under Commodore Sir Bertram Hayes. Local pilot George Bowyer was respon­sible for guiding the vessel from her berth and into Southampton Water and then out to sea, assisted by six tugs. Her first port of call was Cherbourg, where conti­nental passengers boarded, before she headed out for the north Atlantic and then New York. On board were 655 pass­en­gers, comprising 362 in First Class, 127 in Second Class and 166 in Third Class. Not outstanding figures for a maiden voyage, but adequate. For much of the journey she steamed at 25 knots, but Commodore Hayes did not push her, preferring to let the engines bed in.

Majestic dept NY, 13.12.30Clearing Quarantine, Majestic arrived in New York in the afternoon of 16th May, having taken 5 days 14 hours 45 minutes to cover 3,058 miles at an average 22·7 knots. Majestic finally docked at Pier 59, at West 18th Street, but as she was docking she rammed the side of Pier 59, damaging a 12 foot section of a corrugated steel shed at the pier head. Ten tugs helped her dock, and she was secured at 4·22pm. Finally White Star could offer the three-ship express liner service that they had originally planned for the Olympic class, running Majestic alongside Olympic and Homeric.

10th May 1934 – Cunard and White Star finally merge

lowering-flagCunard and White Star Lines ceased to exist as an inde­pendent entities on 10th May 1934, as the companies finally merged. The resulting corporation was owned 62% by Cunard Steamship Co. and 38% by Oceanic Steam Navi­gation Realisation Co., a new company created to satisfy the claims of the creditors of Oceanic Steam Navi­gation Co. The combined fleet totalled 25 ships, 15 from Cunard and 10 from White Star. Very quickly most of the White Star fleet were sold or scrapped, offices closed and sold and employees made redundant. Cunard were determined to be dominant. The new company, Cunard-White Star Line, Ltd. was officially registered on 11th May.